Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade

Phosphoric acid



Application: Technical grade phosphoric acid may be used to produce variety of phosphates, electrolyte treatment liquids or chemical treatment liquids, refractory mortar with phosphoric acid and inorganic coheretant. It is also used as a catalyst, drying agent and cleaner. In coating industry it is used as a rust-proof coating for metals; As a acidity regulator and nutrition agent for yeast food grade phosphoric acid may be applied to flavors, canned food and light drinks as well as used in wine brewery as a nutrients source for yeast to prevent the reproduction of useless bacteria.


Packing & Storage:
Packed in 35kg or 330kg net plastic drums.

During transportation or storage, the inner cover as well as the outer cover of the packing drums must be well sealed. It is classified as a hazardous product of the 2nd class of risk, and its hazardous chemicals code in China is 93002; It is easily frozen in winter season. 

Specification:Quality index GB 2091-92


Name of index





30 max

20 max

Phosphoric Acid(H3PO4)

85.0% min

85.0% min

Chlorides (Cl-)

0.0005% max

0.0005% max

Sulphates  (SO42-)

0.003% max

0.005% max

Arsenic (As)

0.0050% max

0.0001% max

Heavy metal (Pb)

0.001% max

0.0010% max

Iron  (Fe)

0.002% max




0.0010% max

Matters Easy to be Oxidized(as H3PO3)


0.012% max

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