Natural Red Fermented Rice Powder


Natural Red Fermented Rice Supplier 
1.Natural Food Colorant 
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3.Suit For Meat Products specially 

Natural Red Fermented Rice Supplier


Product Name: Red Fermented Rice

Other Name: Red Yeast Rice; Fermented Rice; Red Rice Powder; Red Koji Rice;

Color Value: 1000 u/g, 1200u/g, 1500u/g, 2000 u/g, 2500 u/g, 3000 u/g, 4000 u/g

Fields: Meat Product, Such as Sausage, Ham ,Russian Red Sausage.


Traditional Food Coloring Since 1000 years ago.


  • Made of Rice, Microbial agents and Water, without any chemical additives
  • Strong red Coloring ability, Natural & Healthy color for food, esp. for meat products, condiments, preserved fruits, bakery and so on
  • Factory Direct Supply
  • Sample is Free


Production process for Red yeast rice  


Steamed rice ( sterilization)


                                      ↓cooling naturally


Slant culture →seed culture →inoculate →fermentation ( moisture, temperature and humidity control)→ pasturization →drying→ grind screening →packing → sterilization → product

Packing 25KG per Carton, 14000KG/1X20’FCL

Quality Standard: GB4926-2008; or Enterprise Standard; or Custom Required.

Certification: By Chinese Commodity Inspection Bureau


Delivery: within 15 days after receipt of payment.

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