Non GMO Food Colorant Monascus Red Color



Pure and edible natural red pigment High purity and color value , stable under heat and light, applicable under varies PH


Red yeast rice (powder)


Red yeast rice (powder) is the particular traditional Chinese product with a long history. Dating back to thousands of years ago as early as the Ming Dynasty, Chinese pharmacopeia, Ben Cao Gang Mu written by Li Shizhen that Red Yeast Rice could be used as a medicinal agent, and a promoter of blood circulation and a digestive stimulant. It is also China's traditional natural colorant and mainly used in making red fermented bean curd and red sausage.

Our product is obtained through fermentation of permium grains with Monascus purpureus strains, this product is a natural green food colorant ,which has some good characteristics like : bright color , high color value ,pure tone, Good stability in light, heat and pigmentation ,puerity natural , safe from side effects, Wide scope of pH application and etc..     


1.  100%  Natural fermented with rice ,and non-toxic side effects
2.  High value and purity
3.  PH is widely used
4.  Natural color is bright and colorant is stability
5.  With anti-corrosion antioxidant function
1. Meat product : Ham ,sausage,bacon ,etc            
2. Food : Cale . Candy , Noodle ,Health food                
3. Seasoning : Preserved beancurd ,preserve etc
4. Beverage : Alcohol,Syrup ,Health vinegar etc       
5. Medicine : Medicine colorant ,medicine ingredients etc      
6. Cosmetic

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