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Elsachem’s Vision
Integrates the global leading food science and technology with customers need, relying on wisdom and efforts of Elsachem staff to ensure the products are leading in technology and safe and reliable, so that Elsachem can become a professional provider of food additives, food ingredients and technology services, and better serve the customers, employees and business partners.

Operation Tenet of Elsachem
Creating benefits for clients, helping employees realize the value

Elsachem's Value
Proficient in technology, specializing in responsibility, careful in implement, awakening in learning.

Elsachem's View of Talent
Suitable, trustable, responsible and competent

Our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of Food additives and Chemical raw materials.
This will be accomplished by providing 
quality ingredients that match the specifications of our clients at competitive prices.
Our products will derive from 
trusted sources and arrive to our clients in a timely and well arranged manner. Clients will take comfort in knowing that all of  their product needs are being handled by a professional and friendly support staff that constantly strives to outperform.

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